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Our goal is not just to teach you a few dance steps - it is to inspire a love of dance! My commitment to providing each individual with quality dance instruction will create life moments you will remember for years to come.

About Deborah

Deborah Brown is a multi-talented artist whose career as a ballroom dancer, singer and performer spans nearly three decades. Deborah has trained under several nationally acclaimed ballroom coaches and has competed in the USA Ballroom Dance Championship in New York.
Deborah has since taught dance for several major dance studios and aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line's Nordic Prince. Currently, she is Entertainment Consultant for Raleigh Music Groups, LLC and advises clients on event planning and securing live music and dance talent for them.    

Deborah Brown Dance Instruction is an extension of a career of dance, happiness and joy. The passion she has for dance is evident in her instruction technique, yet she is able to teach at all skills levels due to her friendly demeanor and superior people skills. For novices, a Deborah Brown class is a comfortable introduction to the true joy of dancing and a new appreciation of the connection of music and dance. For experienced dancers, Deborah's expertise is only outshined by the respect she has for the effort of taking your knowledge of dance to another level.

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