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For those who have seen a live performance by Freddy Greene, it is apparent that there is indeed magic in the air as he blows his silky tunes. This energetic musician and composer weaves his smooth and mellow sounds of classic jazz with innovative funk.

About the Artist

Freddy Greene was born in Franklinton, NC in what had once been a "piccolo joint" called The Chicken Shack, owned by his uncles Pete and Clarence Kearney. Prior to Freddy's birth, family friend and Father of the Blues (The late W.C. Handy) occasionally visited and performed there. Greene was exposed to music at an early age as he recalls spending much of his childhood leisure in his uncle's piccolo joint dancing to the tunes of that day. He often found himself mimicking the artists who performed there.

Freddy's mother, Flora (story teller and poet), inspired him with toy horns and with the story of a little boy who was saved from a dangerous situation by a man who played a horn. This story came in the form of discipline for the aspiring musician. At age 11, Greene received a trombone given to him by his father, Robert (Isaac). How befitting that Freddy would grow up to love the horn and use it as a means of self-expression and livelihood. Freddy received his formal music education at St. Augustine's College (Raleigh, NC) and NC Central University (Durham, NC). While maintaining his studies, he realized the art of street performing as a means of income. He found this venue to deliver immediate feedback, which allowed him to fine tune his musical skills and create a bond with the public. This street playing earned him the alias "Street Genie".

For several years, Freddy lived in Washington, DC where he played at some of the Capitol's hottest nightspots. He also played for the DC Ensemble at the Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts and the Kennedy Center. He has toured with the legendary Shirley Ceasar and Percy Sledge and has performed with Eddie Floyd and William Bell. Upon his return to NC, Freddy was guest artist at the Sallie B. Howard School for the Arts in Wilson, NC where he taught music to a group of "at risk" students. Greene works with the Franklin County School System and teaches music at the W.E.B. DuBois CDC in Wake Forest, NC seizing every opportunity to inspire young minds. The artist continues to polish his skills on the soprano saxophone, flute and bass guitar.

Greene has released four CDs entitled, Heavy On My Mind, Street Genie, You Say, I Do and most recently Solo Dancer, all released on his label, Disjazzio Records. Freddy still ventures out onto the streets to maintain a humble connection with his public audience, which keeps him grounded. Whether large or small venues, for Freddy, all the world is a stage!


David's Swing
She Loves Me Blues
Wish Number Four




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