Rollin Glaser and the Tune Swingers Orchestra


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Bring back the experience of dancing and partying to the music of great orchestras of the past, when swing was king and romance was in the air!

About the Artist

The Tune Swingers Orchestra is a group of Raleigh musicians dedicated to playing the "big band" arrangements of the 40's, 50's, 60's and later. We are an orchestra that plays beautiful, danceable music for people who wish to remember and dance to the great old tunes of that period. Our organization emulates the big bands of the past: five saxes, four trumpets, four trombones, and four rhythm. Nothing today can equal the smooth sound of that combination of instruments. Even the orchestra's name reaches into the past and revives one of the popular bands of the 1940's.

Conductor: Rollin Glaser (Clarinet)
Saxophones: Chuck Attardi / Timothy Jackson / John Poteat / Matt Schaffer / Karen Zeher
Trumpets: Jerry Bowers / John Fine / Alex Fioto /
Tyler Townsend
Trombones: Chase Barnard / John Graham / John Morris /
John Thomas
Rhythm: Don Arthur / Chris Bissette / Kyle Duppstadt / Dave Hunter / Jack Stein
Vocalists: Donna Francis / John Morris

The Tune Swingers Orchestra is available for parties and events where the sponsors wish to convey a touch of elegance to an occasion. Rock and Roll groups, small combos, and disc jockeys are available everywhere. But few bands and orchestras can play the kind of music that communicates sophistication, elegance, and taste as The Tune Swingers Orchestra can. We can assure you that your guests will have a memorable time listening to and dancing to the beautiful music of The Tune Swingers Orchestra.
The 19-piece Tune Swingers Orchestra is based in Raleigh, NC and is available for weddings, parties, and special events where an atmosphere of elegance is desired. The orchestra has both formal and informal attire, depending on your needs. Our music library is large and special music may be requested at the time of booking.

  The music excerpts on this page are from the Tune Swingers Orchestra's latest CD, "Sway Me Smooth". If you're interested in purchasing your own copy of this terrific new recording featuring 19 tracks of great Big Band arrangments, please contact us!




Melancholy Baby
A Tisket A Tasket
Mombo Italiano





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